Governor Gavin Newsom of California greets voters while carrying his daughter in the times before COVID.
California Governor Gavin Newsom campaigns while carrying his daughter.

Race could play a role in the recall election for governor of California.

It might not be in the way you imagine. When five white men, one white woman, and Larry Elder are the candidates, what sentence won’t you see in the New York Times?

It reads, “For the first time, we have a chance to elect either a woman or a black man as California’s governor.”

That’s because Republican voters need a truly amazing reason to vote Republican, and diversity is not always diverse unless it’s Democrat.

Democrats must show skill at governing.

GOP candidates need either fame or notoriety. Those are the only solutions…

An empty underground station is eerily lit, blues and greys giving a somber mood.
Photo by Tomáš Hustoles from Burst

Surges follow the relaxation of COVID precaution. It takes about eight weeks to show itself. The United Kingdom started its reopening on April 12.

California and New York threw their doors open a little more than a week ago. Recent reports make that choice seem misguided.

COVID-19 Delta-Variant Runs Wild

The UK’S new Delta-Variant surge should come as no surprise. On Wednesday, the UK reported:

  • 16,135 new cases of Delta-Variant
  • 40% increase over Tuesday’s total
  • 19 more people died within 28 days of testing positive.

COVID-19 Delta-Variant In Scotland Ramps Up

Scotland says there were 3000 new cases of Delta today. That breaks the record. Hospitals are fine for now.

San Francisco’s iconic Victorians are surrounded, as always, by the backdrop of the City under foggy skies full of foreboding.
Photo by author

Church ladies wield a special, very traditional sort of love.

Though this version of random affection is more likely to happen in the South, our story is set in San Francisco.

She was a lady who crossed the road near the place where I take the sun.

That is to say, she was a black lady who crossed the road near the place where I take the sun.

Love With a Small L

Five minutes later, she pops around the corner of the building, gets closer to me than most dare, and says, “Can I give you five dollars?”

I heard each word, but I…

Four San Francisco Victorians act as sentinels by the light of a full moon surrounded by clouds full of foreboding.
Photo by author

It is about twenty past one antemeridian.

I sit on SunBench West, about two blocks down McAllister from the original SunBench, at the corner of Lyon.

I’m taking the night air as is my wont during a global pandemic.

The original SunBench is where I catch some rays, as Sol shines on it all day.

Smiles Are Rare

A man leaves the flat to my right and walks to the curb. I assume he awaits an Uber or a Lyft.

A car pulls up, and he speaks to the driver. I figure he is showing his vax card as he wears no mask.

Facebook logo on blue background.
Facebook logo on blue background.

Mark Zuckerberg has been on the front page of newspapers so often you’d think his last name was Times.

I decided to look into it — the coverage seemed a bit excessive. After all, how problematic could Facebook be?

I typed the iconic company’s name into my favorite search engine.

What I saw sparked an involuntary impersonation of a scene from the classic rom-com Roxanne, which starred Steve Martin​.

His character stops to read a local newspaper, then expresses his horror at the front-page headlines.

He screams, then quickly shoves the newspaper back from whence it came and flees.

Facebook faced these issues in one morning

iPhone screens with assorted images around the number 15, as in iOS 15.
iPhone screens with assorted images around the number 15, as in iOS 15.

Want to FaceTime 32 people as if you were on Zoom? Apple’s got your back.

Do you want to get directions to Starbucks via augmented reality when you point your camera at any element of the scenery around you? Done

And COVID-style date nights will get just a bit cozier when SharePlay gets official soon.

It’s all part of Apple’s plan to become all the best things.

Last year’s iPhone upgrade felt massive

I was like millions of people worldwide in 2020— I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple made every part of the tool we love a lot better.

The chip was head and…

This is the picture of a sky blue iPhone 13.
Apple’s iPhone 13.

A recent leak of Apple Computer's confidential memos reveals that it will test both jabbed and unjabbed employees for COVID-19.

It will test the latter more often.

President Biden’s vaccine mandate orders companies larger than 100 employees to test employees or accept fines of up to $14,000 for each violation of the new rule.

Apple has pushed back their mandatory return to the office until January 2022 at the minimum with a month’s notice before the return to office order goes live.

There was a leak about the Apple leak

Despite being part of a confidential all-hands meeting at Apple, internal memos from Apple Chairman and CEO Tim…

Health care researchers working in a life science laboratory.
Health care researchers working in a life science laboratory. Chokniti.

Our leaders gave their orders.

Their answer to COVID is vaccination.

Though the vaccines don’t guarantee immunity, jabbed people assume other jabbed people won’t get them sick.

So far not even Gibraltar, with nearly 100% vaccination, is surge-free.

Israel is breaking COVID records

They injected more people sooner than most other countries.

Israel deployed a booster and plans for a fourth shot. Eight thousand cases a day is the average. Sometimes it is more than ten thousand — a disturbing trend.

In June, Israel was down to 12 cases per day.

They report that their R-value, which is the number that indicates how many people…

Cyber security protection firewall interface concept — meaning a blond girl with short hair sits in front of a computer screen with the word cyber security written on it.
Cyber security protection firewall interface concept

When I saw my contacts on Telegram, I was relieved they were on my side.

They seem so dangerous COVID probably quarantines to avoid them. Here I thought I was cutting edge only to learn that compared to them I could barely spell knife. Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram.

Privacy does not seem like Facebook’s jam.

People who care about completely encrypted comms for a specific reason are like to have those reasons going forward.

A global pandemic is as good a time as any to become serious about your privacy.

Telegram looks like the future

The interface is minimal and clean.

It is…

Man studies guitar while quarantined using laptop, smartphone, headphones.
Man studies guitar while quarantined using laptop, smartphone, headphones. Master 1305

They hide the secrets inside books.

Songs, poems, paintings will nourish you if you can solve for the one element that matters most. I am still a newcomer. I have only been serious about the guitar for around even or eight months.

If you play every day with goal-free intention, strange moments happen.

You try again

You remember that you betrayed a trust you had in yourself.

You knew you would never keep your word. You would try to make the promise, while another part of your brain would try to make a break for it. …

Michael B. Wharton

Editor of Bold, Abundance and Stealing Fire. Has written for xlr8r and Role Reboot. Formerly NIH, Aol and Revolution Health.

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