An empty underground station is eerily lit, blues and greys giving a somber mood.
Photo by Tomáš Hustoles from Burst

Surges follow the relaxation of COVID precaution. It takes about eight weeks to show itself. The United Kingdom started its reopening on April 12.

California and New York threw their doors open a little more than a week ago. Recent reports make that choice seem misguided.

COVID-19 Delta-Variant Runs Wild

The UK’S new Delta-Variant…

San Francisco’s iconic Victorians are surrounded, as always, by the backdrop of the City under foggy skies full of foreboding.
Photo by author

Church ladies wield a special, very traditional sort of love.

Though this version of random affection is more likely to happen in the South, our story is set in San Francisco.

She was a lady who crossed the road near the place where I take the sun.

That is to…

Charlie Wallace discusses the finer points of soloing in various keys.
Charlie Wallace of Guitar Mastery Method

Charlie Wallace has a cool Kiwi accent.

His guitar skills are through the roof. Yet, those are not the qualities that transformed me from a looker into a customer.

His natural and straightforward approach to the process was the unlocking move.

This is a case study of the Guitar Mastery…

A gloved hand prepares a syringe of vaccine.

Can a federal court of appeals stay something before it starts?

The answer is no, according to the legal experts who seemed to bloom on media platforms in response to the court’s action like a Lilly of legal persuasion.

They assert that unless the law or the Constitution forbids some…

The Astroworld stage after dark with pryo burning and lights aflame.
Astroworld Music Festival

These are strange times.

On Saturday night in Houston, Texas, Travis Scott is the headline act at the Astroworld Festival. Fifty thousand people gather in NRG park to watch him and Drake dance and yell amid assorted lights and pyrotechnics.

His daughter and her mother watch from the side of…

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson dance at the Super Bowl.

Justin Timberlake went on to bigger and better things after Super Bowl XXXVIII.

The touch made it a strange bowl. His hand brushed against Janet Jackson’s breast. Their duet was one of the last times she’d brush up against fame.

For Timberlake, this was the first of many super things.

Throughout the year, the pandemic narrative has shifted more than once.

These are the headlines displayed by CNN’s media platform on the dates listed. I include the first few lines of each article as that is what the window presents before I click on the full article.

It also gives…

Fear crushes my dreams.

This truth makes me laugh because I love Dune. The sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert gave my friends and me a reason to live in that time when puberty has its way with you.

It is now an already classic film version of the book for…

Michael B. Wharton

Editor of Bold, Abundance and Stealing Fire. Has written for xlr8r and Role Reboot. Formerly NIH, Aol and Revolution Health.

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